Saturday, June 19, 2010

Podcast: Transportation Commission 6/17/10: Hillegass/Ashby signal

Audio from the June 17, 2010 Berkeley Transportation Commission meeting: Angled parking on North Shattuck Avenue; Caldecott 4th Bore settlement fund projects. (2:52:29 stereo recording, 315MB) Listen. (Originally posted at Berkeley Public Transit blog)

Commission discusses ranking of various projects to mitigate the effects of the Caldecott 4th Bore, including a bike/pedestrian signal at Hillegass and Ashby.

Helpful time stamps for Hillegass neighborhood discussion (in hours:minutes:seconds):

1:10:00 - Caldecott 4th Bore settlement item discussion: public comment
1:25:00 - Presentation by Ann Smulka, Fourth Bore Coalition co-chair and Transportation Commission member
1:32:00 - Definition of "hawk light" by Farid Javandel, Transportation Commission secretary and Manager of City of Berkeley's Transportation Division
1:39:00 - Reference to this road sign.
2:30:00 - End of Caldecott 4th Bore item for this meeting.

CENA's final list of proposed 4th Bore mitigations, distributed and discussed at this meeting.

Next meeting will be in July 2010.